Comprehensive Property Management Services



The Largest Team of Real Estate Experts in New England Our comprehensive, full-service Real Estate Company specializes in a wide range of Real Estate Services, including Property Management, Apartment Rentals, Commercial & Residential Sales, to name a few.  We've been able to maintain a ZERO percent vacancy rate for all properties under our management, as well as garnering the highest rents possible for the landlords of those properties. No other Boston Property Management Company can make that claim.All properties that we managed are analyzed against information from our massive Boston real estate database in order to maximize rent and market the property properly. Our advanced technologies and expert real estate agents carefully analyze trends in online and foot traffic rental patterns throughout the Boston real estate market. By analyzing these trends, we can rent release your property at the time when it will earn the highest possible rent.

Our marketing system ensures your properties will always be exposed to the widest audience of possible tenants to get it rented at the right rate. Our real estate resources cover all facets of property management, including: accounting, administrative work, consulting, contracting, furnishing, landscaping, marketing, ROI for projects, and technological improvements.We have over 150 local Boston real estate agents throughout the Boston area, from 9 AM to 9 PM, seven days a week, all to guarantee that your properties get the attention they deserve. We are the only property management company in Boston that combines premier property management services with extensive, advanced technologies, and a massive rental staff. With all of these resources at our disposal, we are the first property management company to provide a comprehensive, end to end property management solution in Boston.


Boston Property and Building Inspection (Interior & Exterior):

We will assign a management team to your Boston property to perform regular inspections on the property and common areas. This team will create monthly property status inspection reports to keep you informed on the status of your property.

Our Property Management - Bi-Weekly or As Required:

When inspecting your property, we keep a sharp eye out for any current or potential future problems or violations. If a problem should arise, we continue to monitor your Boston property in order to ensure that any violations are corrected in an efficient, timely manner. We also provide a monthly property management status report upon request. We work closely with our landlords to design a property management plan that best achieves their needs and values. Our management teams treat every property with the care they would give there own.

A Dedicated Team of Boston Property Management Experts

Every property we manage is assigned a dedicated property manager as well as a full support team. By providing an in-depth team, we assure the best response times to meet all of your properties needs. Our property managers are all able to share uptime and downtime, meaning that you and your property are covered at all times. Our team's resources stretch through all aspects of property management. No matter what your property management needs, our team is here to help.

Supervision & Maintenance of Common Facilities:

We take care of all aspects of normal and/or complex maintenance items, from start to finish. In addition, we also provide direction and supervision of all maintenance services in order to ensure a solid working relationship for every vendor. Our property management teams are on hand 7 days a week, and frequently visit our managed properties to keep a personal eye on our locations.

Managing Late Payments:

Typically, the process for handling late payments is pre-determined by paperwork from the Board of Directors and Association paperwork. While our management agents follow these rules to the letter, there are select times when we may need to inform you of recommended procedures based on your late payments. We are here to help you, and will work with both parties in order to resolve any delinquent payment issues that are causing friction.

Reserve Funds:

We provide and ensure accurate accounting of the Association's reserve funds. We coordinate monthly maintenance and repair reserves based on the budget and instruction of the Board of Directions. Our agents also keep and eye on the future, working on upcoming deferred maintenance months and even years in advance.

Annual Budget Preparation: 

Once a year, we prepare an Operating Budget and Reserve Spending Budget for reviewal by the Board. Our team works on all aspects of the approval process, as well as assisting in the presentation and distribution of the budget to all applicable parties. The time frame for preparing submitting the budget will be based on your calendar and covenant guidelines.

Financial Reporting:

We prepare extremely detailed financial reports, taking meticulous care include all major items as well as the smallest details. Our financial experts can provide you with a year's worth of receipts & expenditures, including year-to-date figures, as well as your remaining budget projections for the year. We'll also include the detailed Association Report, which shows budget variations and explanations. 

Board Meeting Attendance:

Our team can attend all regular and annual meetings of the Board of Directors. For unforeseen circumstances or changes in your finances, we can also provide special meeting coordination, committee planning and assistance on a quarterly, special annual or emergency basis.

Maintaining Records and Files:

If requested, our team will create and keep all association files and records. We maintain all required paperwork and receipts for vendors, contractors, board member correspondence, etc.

Following Up Requests:

We guarantee that we'll follow up on all of your requests and calls within 24 hours. We pledge to base our work around your schedule (weekends included) to ensure your requests and properties are being taken care of with prompt professionalism.

Notifications and Newsletters:

We distribute a custom made newsletter to all of our members. Depending on previously agreed upon policies, some of these publications may be free of charge while some may not.

Legislative Compliance:

Our company adheres to all current Local, State and Federal laws. We take extensive measures to ensure that we are in complete compliance with all of the newest professional property management laws at every level.